Air Quality

Air quality in the city does not meet safe limits as defined by World Health Organisation, and  Beech street  is known to be worse than  many other areas of the city.
Many residents say that they avoid walking along Beech Street.  Specific proposals for traffic flow have been considered by committees in the Corporation. The City Traffic Strategy published May 2019 states
"The City of London Corporation is looking at transforming the way Beech Street looks and operates. In July and August 2019 we asked residents, businesses and visitors how they use and perceive the street. The feedback from this survey will help influence the next stage of design work for the area.​​"

Urgent action is needed. I commit to push the city to fast track schemes which will make a real difference.

Noise Pollution

The city has produced a 10 year Noise Strategy which includes many positive initiatives and actions. Inevitably noise levels for most are higher during the working week. However for some residents, particularly those living in Lambert Jones Mews and Defoe House the noise from the tube continues throughout the day every day, the evening with some respite during the night but starting again early morning.

For many this has been intolerable and thanks to the efforts of some Common Councillors TFL have made some improvements which are welcomed. However there is more to be done. I will join the campaign and add my voice to continue the negotiations with TFL to reduce noise to an acceptable level.



The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has launched the world’s most advanced and comprehensive network of air quality monitors to help investigate and improve London’s toxic air.

Breathe London will use a range of cutting-edge fixed and mobile sensors to build up a real-time, hyperlocal image of London’s air quality. The data these monitors collect from across the capital will provide an unprecedented level of detail about London’s air quality crisis and deliver new insight into the sources of pollution.



Air pollution in the UK is a national health crisis, and it is affecting our children’s health. We are a network for parents and carers that will:

  • Promote understanding of the key issues around air pollution
  • Provide an insight into how to engage with and influence decision making at a national and local level
  • Inspire action through sharing stories, experiences, information, ideas and activities
  • Offer resources and support to help you to get involved in whatever way you can
  • Make you part of a national network contributing to building pressure for action at a national and local level to tackle illegal and harmful levels of air pollution


Kings College have produced an excellent set of tools to allow you to see the current levels of air polution in London. They have a website and a mobile app.



New analysis from the BMJ suggests air around London’s NHS facilities is highly polluted, harming both patients and staff

Some of London’s biggest teaching hospitals were found to be located in areas with air pollution levels well above legal limits

Researchers call for “a series of hard-hitting measures” in London and further analysis in other urban areas