Natasha Lloyd-Owen
Common Councillor for Castle Baynard Ward

Will Pimlott
Common Councillor for Cripplegate Ward

Grazia Piras
Govenor Prior Weston School

"I have known Helen for a number of years. She is compassionate, fearless and dedicated to campaigning on issues that affect City residents. If elected, I have no doubt that she would be a real asset to the people of Aldersgate and to the City of London Corporation’s Common Council."

Helen Fentimen is a brilliant candidate for residents in Aldersgate. She has dedicated her life to public service and more recently to helping our local primary school, and she would bring both expertise and determination to representing local residents.

I have had the pleasure to work with Helen in her role as Chair of Governor at Prior Weston School and have observed her excellent diplomatic and managerial skills. I trust she will be a dedicated and active Councillor who listens carefully, take actions timely and represent efficiently the needs and aspirations of those living and working the City.

Peter Kenyon

"I have known Helen since she moved to the Barbican estate. As a former Chair of an NHS Trust we have the NHS in common. She is knowledgeable about the issues affecting residents and workers and importantly will work strategically applying all her operational experience of running a large public sector organisation to secure positive change. I offer my full support to Helen’s bid to be one of your Common Councillors and will be she will be a strong advocate for Aldersgate."

Jeff Hennesy

Helen and I are active members of the Labour Party here in the City. Helen provides a note of her background which demonstrates valuable knowledge and experience including of the NHS, of education and of the law, all highly pertinent to the role of a Common Councillor. Her note also demonstrates a strong commitment to voluntary roles in serving the community. I can say as well, that Helen is a highly approachable and hard working person who would serve successfully both Aldersgate and the City. I urge you to support her.

Dr Zak MacMurray GP.
I have known Helen for twenty years now and share her passion for the NHS putting patients and population at the forefront of decisions. She is fully aware of how wider policy effects people’s lives, particularly within an unequal society. She at all times exhibits a core integrity and adherence to strong values. She is not afraid to challenge the system strongly to achieve change. I have no hesitation in supporting Helen’s bid to become a Common Councillor in the City of London..’